Our crèche handles children from age 3 months – 18 months. It provides adequate health and educational instructional facilities with experienced care-givers. The use of psychomotor and other cognitive means of learning is equally provided.  


The play group class handles children between age 2-3 years. In this class, pupils are able to identify and write figures, alphabets, rhymes and manipulates educative puzzles.  


Pupils between age 4 to 6 years falls into this class. The pupils in this class are able to read, comprehend, write composition and also solve mathematical problems. Pupils in this category could communicate well in English and Yoruba which is our native language. They also engage in extra curricular…

Basic Class

Children in this classes can convincingly and correctly spell and write in English and Yoruba. They engage in sports, literary and debate activities. They enhance their boldness to address crowd.